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Treatment for Hypertrophic Scars Orlando, FL

Hypertrophic Scar Treatment

The International Keloid & Scar Treatment Center offers a combination of effective procedures designed to remove and prevent hypertrophic scars. We are the foremost provider of individualized care packages for visitors from around the globe. Patients traveling from as far away as Africa and Asia are a testament to the fact that Dr. Kenrick Spence provides the most effective treatment options for hypertrophic scar excision and reconstruction in the United States.

Dr. Kenrick Spence is known for precision plastic surgery that results in the most optimal outcome for each patient. Hypertrophic scar revision surgery requires a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure a superior result. Dr. Spence and his team have the skill and experience to help patients achieve the cosmetic result they desire.

The International Keloid & Scar Treatment Center is located in Orlando, the heart of Florida. Orlando is home to Disney, Universal Studios and many other tourist attractions. Orlando provides the ideal location for patients who require available access for travel from around the world.

Treatment Options for Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that remain within the confines of the original skin incision or trauma. In addition to being raised, a hypertrophic scar can also be red in color which makes the scar even more noticeable. While some hypertrophic scars will improve on their own over time, others may need treatment to reduce the size and appearance. Dr. Spence customizes treatments for hypertrophic scars based on the specific needs of each patient. One or a combination of the following treatments may be used for the removal or prevention of hypertrophic scars.

  • Laser: Laser therapy can reduce redness and improve the skin texture to minimize the appearance of hypertrophic scars. It is often used in combination with other treatments to reduce elevated scar tissue.
  • Dermabrasion and steroids: Steroid injections are effective in shrinking hypertrophic scars and can be combined with dermabrasion to smooth skin and reduce elevated scar tissue.
  • Compression garments: Pressure therapy using compression garments can help reduce the chance of a hypertrophic or keloid scar tissue growth after an injury, burn or surgery.
  • Tension free closure: To reduce the chance of hypertrophic scarring, tension-free closure techniques are used with any surgery or incision.
  • Silicone: Using silicone sheeting is an effective preventive option after surgery for incisions to reduce the chance of hypertrophic scars. It is worn 23 out of 24 hours a day for several months.
  • 5FU injections: 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) injections a chemotherapy drug to reduce fibroblasts that are typical in hypertrophic scarring. 5FU injections can be used with other treatments, like cortisone or laser therapy, for excellent results.

Dr. Spence uses the latest medical technology, techniques and methods for treating and removing keloids and hypertrophic scars. In addition, he understands the best options for preventing these types of scars from developing after surgery or after an injury to the skin. In many cases, hypertrophic scarring can be prevented with the right treatment immediately after a surgery or skin injury.

Dr. Kenrick Spence is a board certified plastic surgeon who has gained extensive knowledge, skill and expertise over his 20 years in practice. Begin your journey with an in-person or virtual consultation with an expert who focuses on cosmetic and revisionary surgery at the International Keloid & Scar Treatment Center for hypertrophic scar treatment.

Contact our office today to learn more about hypertrophic scar removal under the expert care of Dr. Kenrick Spence at the International Keloid & Scar Treatment Center in Orlando, Florida.

Our Patient Reviews

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Melanie Blair

Dr. Spence and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They are caring and professional. I've had the best experience at his office and will continue to be a long term patient!! Highly recommend.

Sean Gray

Excellent job on a scar revision that no other surgeon said could be excised.

Connie Hansen

I have been a patient of Dr. Spence twice now. I love the results and thanks to him I feel great! Dr. Spence and his team are very friendly and professional, they make you feel right at home. I would definitely recommend all my friends and family.

Kelsey Herring

Dr. Spence and his staff are absolutely wonderful! Dr. Spence is very calming and really makes you feel at ease going into the procedure. His staff compliments him very well. They are all so kind and fun but also very helpful, open, and reassuring. Would most definitely recommend!!!

Orlando Institute

Dr. Spence and his staff are outstanding. Dr. Spence's surgical skills are unmatched. His bedside manner is superb. The customer service at his office is above anything I have experienced elsewhere. Thank you Dr. Spence and your staff for making me beautiful!

Dr. Spence Patient

Experience with proven results! Dr. Spence is personable and detailed. He takes the time to answer all my questions. My results are phenomenal!

Dr. Spence Patient

Thorough, Diligent and Compassionate Dr. Spence treated my mother's condition and went far above and beyond his professional duties to make sure she had a good outcome. She is doing well and his treatment and aftercare made the difference .

Dr. Spence Patient

Great plastic surgeon and staff Dr. Spence and his staff were so kind and patient. They were very detailed with their explanation of the procedure. What to expect before and after. I had a great experience and would recommend Dr. Spence to anyone.

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